Cryo sauna SPACE CABIN

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Brand Name: SpaceCabin
Place of Origin: Ukraine
Cryocabin (cryosauna) - natural way to improve health and enhance beauty.
The cryosauna is an opposite of a usual sauna, with the temperatures ranging from 120 to 170. The session feels more comfortable than bathing in cold water, because the air is a poor conductor, especially if it is dry. Another advantage of an open cryocabin is that the patient, lifted up with the movable floor, is immersed in the cold gas only up to his shoulders. Thus he can feel more comfortable due to unimpared breathing and to uninterrupted contact with the attending personnel.
The cold naturally stimulates the immune system, which results in revision of all internal organs, regulates the endocrine profile and metabolism, and energizes the body due to additional release of endorphins (happiness hormones). The cryosauna improves microcirculation, optimizes metabolic processes, enhances skin turgor, dramatically improves the appearance of the skin.
The cascade of biochemical processes, triggered by the exposure to extremely low temperatures consumes a great amount of energy formed as a result of fat oxidation to H2O and CO2. This fact provesthe efficiency of aircryotherapeutical method in weight control, as well as in cellulitis treatment. Depending on the weight, the patient loses during one session at least 1,000 kcal. In some cases the patients shed 7 to 10 kg within a series of 20-30 sessions.

There are four models available.